Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Opinions. . . ? Suggestions. . . ?

My friend commissioned a tattoo design from me--I'm not gonna recount the long, philosophical conversation that led to it, but, she wanted some animal, preferably a mammal, humping a penguin.

We both agreed that this would be a fine tattoo for children of all ages, and so I've been trying, for months, to settle on a mammal. I finally decided on an aardvark as the hump-er.

Pictured are the preliminary sketches of both animals, then my two finalist "styles" for tidying up:

The choppier, messier one (pictured directly below the aardvark) has all this cool, implied motion--bow chicka wow wow--and is my favorite. But the neater one (sorta below the penguin) is, well, neater. And looks more like lame modern dance as executed by animals, as opposed to a penguin taking it fast and hard.

That fifth thing, about the lovely bunch of coconuts (deedle-dee-dee) is just me being an ass.

I'll probably wind up showing both to Ari and letting her decide for herself, but still. An objective opinion couldn't hurt. She says it's going low on her calf or high on her arm. I'm thinking I'll go cartoon-ish is the movement-y one. If it's modern dance one . . . stark lines/abstract.

And if I can get the former the way I like it, I'm gonna get it tattooed on my shoulder :D

"No horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace." --HP Lovecraft


  1. I like the one on the bottom right. The penguin looks like she's enjoying it more.

    Nice sketches by the way. Didn't know you were artistically inclined!

  2. Thanks, and hah! Neither of those animals are female.

    Artistically inclined? The only thing I seem to be inclined toward lately is provoking horrified laughter :D

    I'm trying to boil the bottom right one down to something simpler, goofier, less line-y. But my brain and drawin' hand are being moody and uncooperative. I may have to have them both liquidated. . . .

  3. I think go with the reach around

  4. You're the first vote for the reach-around I've gotten! Everyone likes the other one more because it's all motion-y (and the penguin looks like he's enjoying it more) but maybe I should find away to combine the best elements of them both. And that reach-around? For me, anyway, is the best part of the neater one. Well, that and the aardvark bracing himself on the rock.


  5. Sorry I think I meant to vote for that one. When I said 'bottom right' I meant once the picture is properly rotated. So yeah, I'm with Philly. It just looks a little more... animal.