Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's no excuse for my inappropriate sense of humor

However, the fact that it's shared by so many others is comforting. And on occasion entertaining.

I'm about sixteen pages worth of Dear Jesus letters in, but my favorite has to be on page seven:

if there really was a god why does he let children get raped

Because the sweet, sweet tears only make Him stronger...

What's horrible to me isn't so much that I find that hilarious, but that if the Old Testament god were real? The best we could expect is a gargantuan indifference to the suffering of innocents, and at worst, well. . . .

See above.

"No horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace." --HP Lovecraft


  1. Jesus Christ! Please, please, please tell me that you made up that response!

  2. Okay. I checked out the site. It's pretty funny.

  3. Yeah. Not all the replies hit home, but there're some gems in there.

    And a side note to my inappropriate sense of humor: your horror in the first response amused me greatly. I should probably seek professional help, but . . . nah!

  4. Wow, another great time killer for me! There were some insanely offensive ones...which were hilarious of course.

  5. Of course. The macaroni and cheese question and response makes the twelve year old holding the reins of my psyche giggle :D

    Ah, that site's been keeping me sane at work for the past week. It's blasphemy, blas for you, blas for everyone!