Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm an atheist/ I'm not the faithiest . . . hey-nonny-nonny-nonny, ob-la-di-ob-la-dah. . . .

I own a tenor banjo.

I say this not to make anyone jealous--please, don't hate the player, hate the game--but because I've been neglecting my as yet unnamed baby for nearly two months. I'm still no shakes at playing "The Marines Hymn", and nowhere near the intro to "Drunken Lullabies", but I showed some promise, I like to think.

I spend all my time reading recently. Or catching up on writing fanfic I promised people. Which is really no excuse. Especially since I quite enjoyed playing "Tavern on the Town", as it was the only song I was halfway decent at. Besides "Buffalo Gals", which is a stupid song, IMHO.

But meh, decent, shmecent. Maybe I should start writing songs. Atheist songs, about atheism, and . . . I dunno, booing god, who's way too nonexistent to appreciate my well-crafted and tuneful defiance, anyway.

So. Yeah. Maybe I should just buckle down and focus on my, ahem, music, and leave WoW alone, for the nonce.

Only . . . I need a word that rhymes with atheist. . . .

"The Seether is neither big nor small. The Seether is the center of it all."--Veruca Salt


  1. Spaciest? Tastiest?

    I have a guitar/banjo crossover instrument, but the only thing I can play on it is the Deliverance dueling banjos theme. It's good for freaking people out, like a sodomy alarm or something, but that's about it.

    Interestingly enough, a friend recently challenged me to write a song with the word 'fragtastic' in it. I feel like it's going to be a song about religion. Will keep you posted.

  2. ::bounces::

    You have a guit-jo!

    Or a banjitar, as the plebes say :D

    You can play The Dueling Banjos for real? You're not just bs'ing a bs'er?

    But yes, that song's definitely a better sodomy-alarm than my customary one: "Hey, idiot! I'm gonna sodomize ya!"

    Yes, much better.

    My goal was to get so good at the tenor banjo, that I could kill . . . I mean, liquidate the banjo player in Flogging Molly--or the Dropkick Murphys, I'm not too picky--and take his place. Five months on and those guys ain't exactly in fear for their lives :(

    Fragtastic, eh. . . .

    Fagtastic (use at own risk)
    Fagspastic (see above)
    Rick Ocasek
    Sagging Aspik
    Metastasis (both reaching, and depressing)
    Dad-blastit! (but only if you're going country and western)

    I'm an athiest/ Cuz we're the tastiest/ And not the spaciest/ Like all the poor theists/ Hey nonny-nonny-nonny, ob-la-di, ob-la-dah. . . .

    Might throw in something about "so don't be raciest", but it's gonna take some tweaking.

  3. Hahah there's so much material to work with here. Sorry, I meant I only know the theme, not the entire song. My fingers aren't quite so nimble, and I still need to set it up properly. Plus, the guit-jo has that funny sixth string that gets in the way all the time. I tried taking it off once, but it just looked funny. One day, maybe, I can aspire to play the 'jo as well as an inbred Appalachian hillbilly boy. I know I know, I set my sights too high.