Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dose of the Plaaaaague. . . !

I'm sick.

I mean physically, not just mentally. The horrible stomach-y bits are over, or seem to be. Now I'm just blowing my nose and wheezing.

Don't got much to say, except "howdy, y'all!" And for your viewing enjoyment, I present:

Just because it's so beautifully done. The very height of steampunkery, for my money . . . not that I paid any :D

I'd fit in much better on an airship than I ever will in an office.

Had a godsmack of an idea for a short story on the way to work Thursday morning. Worked on it between calls all day and Friday, late into the night, despite my viral subversion. It's a romantic comedy about the Antichrist. I think it's going well. Should be editing it now, but I'm exhausted. Laundry will have to wait till tomorrow, or possibly next week.

Chores, bleh. Library. Groceries. All obligations out of the way of me and twelve solid hours of sleep . . . typing is hard when I have attention span of--ooh! Shiny--

"No horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace." --HP Lovecraft


  1. I personally know the AntiChrist if you want any tips.

    Dani' El

  2. Once at college I got sick of reading books I was supposed to be reading, and hit the library to borrow the most random thing I could find. It turned out to be a history of the Black Death. Intriguingly, there was a chapter called "Eroticism and the Plague".

    PS - you can now safely conclude that I'm older than 18. Unless I'm Doogie Howser.

  3. Dani'El: That's sweet of you to offer, but I want to create my Antichrist from whole cloth. And I've already completed the story and characterizations. Right now, I'm just doing re-drafting and clean-up.

    Curious, though . . . is your Antichrist named "Jimmy", by any chance?

    FS: I used to do the same thing, too. Not often, but when I did, I never got anything I liked enough to finish. Just my luck. Some people get lost and discover quaint little bistros before finding their way home. I just twist my ankle, step in dog crap, then have to pay for a cab.

    Do you remember the name of the book? For some reason I've always found the Black Death intriguing. That and Nazis. As you may have guessed, I had many friends as a child.

    Sometimes, I have you pegged for nineteen, sometimes twenty-five or six. Usually, I settle for midway between those. I could believe you're a kid genius--but not the Doog. I wasn't a fan of the Doog. But I liked that annoying neighbor kid. He reminded me of a very male me.

    Hmm . . . I gotta come up with some more theories on who you really are. But at least I know I got the non-Canadian/ mustache thing dead to rights.

  4. I've had a look, and I think it was just called Black Death. It was a fairly old book, so I expect it's probably out of print. When I say "fairly old", I'm guessing it was probably printed in the 1920s, or perhaps earlier.

    Yeah I kind of hated the Doog as well, but I liked his mooching friend even less. Actually it was just an irritating show, always ending with him typing in his stupid journal. Kind of like Scully in the X-Files... *drool*...

    Scully would definitely go for a guy with a handlebar 'stache.

  5. K found it. It's called "Black Death: a Chronicle of the Plague" by Johannes Nohl.

    Knock yourself out (with eroticism and diseases).