Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Dose of Face-Holes

Sweaty, nasty day. Sunlight like syrup, sticky and running all over everything. Attracting bumblebees, speeding them on their little errands--and I don't fuck around with those things since that one flew up my nose that time and got stuck.

Two massive loads of laundrey--linens, clothes, hats, everything. Got cruised by not one, but two creepy guys at the laundry mat. Only one of them was there for actual laundry. The other just walked around in his shiny, ugly shirt and picked his nose. For, like, an hour. Seriously--what did he have up there? The treasure of Sierra Madre?

Shlepped heavy ass laundry. Dodged bumblebees. And after that, because I hadn't sweated enough, I walked crosstown and got my bridge :)

Not so yay? My fucking skull. Fucking ow. And let's not even get into my sinuses (hah, I said "get into my sinuses." I'm funny). The pressure from this . . . maybe one ounce bar--gevalt! I didn't realize how move-y my face was, and now, something as simple as raising my eyebrows feels like someone hit me in the face with a stick. A pretty-stick, obviously.

My piercer guy is so sweet, and his kids are ridiculously cute.

Thinking of recording myself reading that minor milestone piece on the YouTubes--inspired by the wonderful John Evo.

Argh . . . my fucking face. . . .

"No horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace." --HP Lovecraft


  1. I think they look quite attractive. Hopefully it'll be less tender soon.

  2. Ouch! I could never... ah. You're braver than me and you should DEFINITELY do the YouTube thing. Definitely!

  3. As Evo said, you're braver than I am, by far.

  4. OG:Thanks :)

    I've had a few friends say if I tough it out, it shouldn't be so bad in a few days, though it's riding on the cartilage and the discomfort may only fade, not go away entirely.

    JE: Pain's not so bad to grin and bear when I know it's coming. And if I tell myself "this is just pain, not in any way life-threatening." That makes a hell of a difference.

    I'd have to get some kinda camera or video to do the YouTube thing--my camera phone quality isn't great :)

    TC: Bravery? Haha! You've never seem me whine about a paper cut.

    Seems like the bravery's gonna be keeping it. The pain of healing and acclimating is worse to me than the ten or twenty seconds it took for him to jab a metal thing through my flesh. At least that was quick. The headaches this thing is causing by rubbing against cartilage is just not on.

  5. Girl?
    You are nutz-

  6. Oh, don't you start with that "girl" nonsense. I've already got one Gideon lurking about the blog and that's quite enough.

    Hmm. I'm not a fan of extremism in any form. I have no interest in suspending myself by my piercings, or anything else, never fear.

    But I do like piercings and tatts. I like the stories they tell, and--perhaps it's my Xtian-y upbringing--but when I like something, I'm willing to bleed a little for it.

  7. VitaR - You can pick-up something pretty effective cheaply enough on Ebay. I've seen the same as what I have (except slightly used) for about $15 including shipping.

  8. Just don't call me "Jew-boy" then. ;)
    How about Sister?

    I hate getting a shot, I hate needles and I used to be a junkie, go figure. So I cannot understand piercings. It creeps me. No offense.

    I saw someone with a bunch of piercings in her nose the other day, and I said, "Excuse me miss? You got a little something right here, on your nose, lower, lower. "

    Lol! She had to laugh.

    Then I said, "I thought about getting a piercing, but I'm too much of rebel."

    And she got angry. A bridge too far? lol!
    Every other person in Sodom has ink and steel all over the place.
    To be a non-conformist in Sodom, is to be a Christian.

  9. Okay, I won't call you "Jew-boy", and you can call me "Rachel", or "R", or "Vittles", or "VitaR", or "VR"--really, I have enough nomes de plume that I don't have to be a pronoun.

    Needles have never bothered me. Sometimes pain is necessary--or a necessary evil--but if planned, can be entirely manageable.

    Then I said, "I thought about getting a piercing, but I'm too much of rebel."LMAO!

    She should've laughed. It was funny. Some people. If you can't laugh about the holes you voluntarily put in your face, what can you laugh about?

  10. Is the "R"
    for Rage,
    or Rachel?

    All of the above?

  11. Well, not "Ritalin". . . .

    But I'll take "Redoubtable" :)