Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A quick dose of WTF?

So, Monday around dawn there was an icy rain. A couple hours later, I start out on my way to work. The ground is mysteriously dry, but thinking nothing of it, I start down the front porch steps.

Only to find myself suddenly airborne--all too briefly. I hit every step on the way to the sidewalk. Back, hand, head, ass--it was a mischegoss.

I called out of work, due to a broken ass.

No way was I, already in less than stellar shape, gonna brave the freakish, ninja stealth-ice to walk the quarter mile to my bus stop. And it was seriously just--everywhere. Quarter of an inch of invisible ice on the sidewalk and most of the street. Even after I was sprawled out on it, aching and groaning and embarrassed, I had to really look to see it. Though the fact that it took me two minutes to get to my feet, slipping and sliding all the way, was proof enough.

Finally watched "Good Night, And Good Luck" while I was laid up. Not only was Edward R Murrow an amazing man and journalist, but David Strathairn is an amazing actor.

Gonna start watching Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" after I sign out. I'm fairly excited.

Not having so much luck with "Beyond Good and Evil". There are too many metaphors and analogies. It's too . . . lyrical, or something. Maybe I should look for an older, stodgier translation. I don't like philosophy that reads like poetry, or fables. The straight dope, that's what I want. Humor and wit are for after I get the jist of what's being said.

Got my tax-filing booklet thingy today. I'm ecstatic.

Seattle . . . I wanna be there so bad. Everywhere I turn, there're slice-of-life vignettes about it, articles, documentaries--speaking of which, "The US vs John Lennon" was really good. I highly recommend it.

Past couple of weeks, I've been thinking it'd be neat to work in an environment that in some way helped promote secular humanism, or at least helped shore up the crumbling bulwark between church and state. Even if I was just fetching and carrying for the people who made the magic happen, it'd be a step in the right direction.

I so dearly need to feel like I'm stepping in the right direction. . . .

Also: huh. . . .

"If wishes was horses, we'd all be eatin' steak."--Jayne Cobb


  1. Good Night, And Good Luck is an excellent movie. I haven't watched it in a couple of years - maybe I should watch it again soon.

    Agree with you about David Strathairn too. I've never seen him flub a role.

  2. I am still trying to work out what a broken ass is (though it sounds painful)

  3. Are they saying that movie The Core might have been inaccurate? And here I was beginning to think that nuclear weapons were catchall solution to everything. Incidentally, did you know that you could buy toothpaste containing radium in the 1920s?

    PS - did I ever mention that the photo at the top or your blog is supremely cool? I want a study like that, if only to show people and explain that I'm wealthy enough to have an overgrown study with casually discarded chairs. Yeah, that'd be sweet.

  4. I wanted to mention how great that picture was, too.

  5. I'm currently wallowing in a weird, non-crush on both Strathairn and Murrow. I'm an excellence groupie.

    A broken ass is the most painful of all injuries. Though I think the correct term is tookus fracturus. A most painful, inconvenient thing, to be sure. Especially considering how fond I am of sitting and leaning :(

    Dude, The Core is the most perfect and right movie there ever was, from Aaron Eckhart's abs, to nuclear weapons being the catchall solution to everything.

    I can only imagine Radium Bright (tm) was sold with free lead teeth, for when the natural ones fell out. . . .

    The picture . . . heh, I was gonna go with some random, pretty astronomy photo, but if I'm honest, I'll admit I like reading about the universe more than I like the actual universe. And anyway, this's been languishing as my wallpaper for awhile. It deserved more recognition than that.

    I'd love to be wealthy enough to have the real deal, but I dunno . . . squirrel poop in my books is so not on.

    Forget those chairs--how 'bout them balconies?

    You guys have great taste in pictures, second only to my own.

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