Saturday, January 3, 2009

I care?

Why do I even care?

People are quite awful. Even at their middling best, they're more than mildly unpleasant. Why do I care what happens to any of them? They're not me, not related to or beloved by me. There are six billion people on this planet, and 99.99998 % of them could take a dirt nap and I wouldn't care or miss them. So why am I so interested in secular humanism? What do I care if the things I think are important don't survive me? Aliens could invade Earth, turn half of the people into slaves, and the other half into barbeque--as long as I wasn't one of them, I don't know that I'd be so upset. Especially if I never have children.

So why do I care?

I know some of it is sheer bloody-mindedness--not wanting "the other guy" to win. But that can't account for all of it, can it? I mean, I'm spiteful, and I like being right more than just about anything. But I'm also lazy, which tends to balance out that spite/ right thing. So it seems spite isn't the motivating factor.

Why do I care? And I do care--some days, more than others. I know the world'll never be exactly the way I think it should be, but I feel as if I have to take a hand in shaping it. Even a small corner of it. Not that I'll get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Even enlightened self-interest doesn't explain it. Or does it?

I don't know. I'm tired, and stoned, and sulky, and I have to be awake in five hours.

"If wishes was horses, we'd all be eatin' steak."--Jayne Cobb


  1. The reason I care:

    A vast amount of people devote their lives to propagating bronze age myths, seemingly satisfied that no other knowledge is of value. Think what would happen if these same people got more productive jobs. What if they were doctors? Computer programmers? Nuclear scientists? Satirists? Think how much more advanced we would be. Religion is millions of people all dragging their feet while the rest of us try to advance.

  2. Excuse me while I feel theeeees big.

    Lol, that's a damn good reason to care. Though it would be easier if all the people I didn't like or approve of just died. That's my laziness talking, but you have to admit, struggling against these feet-and-knuckle draggers is an uphill battle all the way, even if one doesn't factor in trying to salvage something in the way of actual thought from them. Just keeping optimistic in face of the massive wall of stupid is a job of work. . . .

    Meh, not like I'm doing anything better with the rest of my life. And being in the fray leaves little time for boredom.

    Thanks :D